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House Marina - a simple and low priced holiday cottage

House Marina is centrally located and equipped with 5 guestrooms, ideal for families and groups. In only 4-minutes walk, you will arrive the centre of Oberstdorf. Simple and cosy!

Haus Marina, Südseite

Home & location

The cottage is about 4 minutes away from the center of the town and from the green meadows. In Sachsenweg. 8. The cottage is situated between the marketplace and the meadows in a central but quiet location.

Children are very welcome and can play in the garden.

Free parking and garaging for bicycles and motorbikes.

The cottage can be booked as a guest house for short stays,
including a large breakfast buffet in the hotel Weinklause which is only 3 minutes away.

Wohnzimmer mit Terrasse


This cosy cottage is a little bit older but perfect for families and groups up to 11 people.

Cosy furnishing almost like by grandma
The Cottage has up to 6 bedrooms with a balcony, a living / dining room with access to a terrace facing south and a garden, as well as a kitchen that can be shared
5 bedrooms have their own shower and their own sink, on each floor there is a separate toilet and on the ground floor there is a renovated bathroom.

Only once bed linen and towels are placed at your disposal

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Price when an inquiry is made

  • We will glady arrange an all inclusive price for booking inquiries on public holidays or weekends.
  • You can bring your dog along, but we allow ourselves to charge 50 €

  • Please understand that on certain occassions such a the new years world cup , during carnival and on public holidays we rent our cottage only when fully occupied.

Feel free to send us a non-binding inquiry . Many Thanks!


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About Us

This family owned business has gone through a long development period when reflecting the bygone years of the Weinklause in the Prinzenstrasse 10. The property was built at the turn of the century (1904) and started as the "cafe" fresh.

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Our Restaurant is closed until 12.12.19 and our Hotel is closed until 09.12.19.