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Lesedauer 5 minutes

Central Location

Central, in the South and near the open countryside.. It couldn't be better!

A quiet and preferred location in the central beautiful southern part of Oberstdorf

A block away and you are in the traffic-free zone with a lovely park, the Oberstdorf House is near by. Just a few steps away and you are in the Oberstdorf marketplace, from there it is interesting and worthwhile to stroll through the narrow streets and admire the ancient buildings of the "lower market place".

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Bus stop right in front of the hotel

By taking the bus, which stops right in front of the hotel you have wonderful possibilities for excursions going southward to the Stillachtal (a magnificant valley-very nice when wanting to take long walks without much effort) to the Fellhornbahn (our well-known home mountain cable-car station, the famous ski jump or to the romantically situated Freibergsee (a breathtaking natural lake) 

In winter, the ski bus / local bus drive directly to the skiing areas.

Hiking trails / cross-country skiing

The numerous comfortable hiking trails around Oberstdorf and through the beautiful Allgäu countryside can be reached in just a few minutes.

In winter not far from our hotel you can start right off into the Oberstdorf cross country ski tracks network and well as into well cleared hiking trails.

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87561 Oberstdorf
Tel. +49 8322 96930

About Us

This family owned business has gone through a long development period when reflecting the bygone years of the Weinklause in the Prinzenstrasse 10. The property was built at the turn of the century (1904) and started as the "cafe" fresh.

Opening Hours Restaurant

Monday: 10:00 - 22:00
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Sunday: 10:00 - 22:00

Our Restaurant is closed until 12.12.19 and our Hotel is closed until 09.12.19.