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Our modern, predominantly new renovated rooms and hotel suites are divided into 3 houses: the main hotel house, house "Schrofen" and house "Anna", are just across the street. The hotel apartments with a south-side balcony provide a magnificent view onto the mountains of Oberstdorf. Please note that you do not have a lift in the houses "Schrofen" and "Anna".

Small double rooms category I or single rooms with an extra bed

Main house and the house "Schrofen" across the street
Small cosy double rooms in Allgäuer country house style,17 to 18 sqm, suitable for 1 to 2 people
Bed 1.40 length to 1.60 width, Shower / toilet,
Cable television, telephone, safe

Zim. Nr. 11 (Kat.I)

Double Rooms Category II, small but fine..

Main house and the house "Schrofen" across the street
viewing part of the "Nebelhorn" mountain, without balcony

Small but comfortable and cosy double rooms, 19 to 22 sqm in Allgäuer country house style, small sofa, shower / WC
, Cable television, telephone, safe, all bathrooms are newly renovated

Double Rooms Category II with balcony are also available but cost addionally

Zim. 24 (Kat. II)
Zim. 104 (Kat. II)
DZ der Kat II mit Balkon

Double Room Category III

Comfort rooms in the main house, most of them are upstairs and have a beautiful mountain view with a balcony

Double rooms spacious and cosy with a sofa or sitting area, 24 to 28 sqm, shower or bathtub / WC, cable television, telephone, safe, minibar,
all have newly renovated bathrooms
1-2 people can sleep on the sofa with bed function

Badbeispiel DZ Kat II und III
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DZ Kat. III mit Dachgaupe

Comfort - **** Double Room Category IV

Superior Category **** The newly built main house and the house "Schrofen" across the street, have a balcony which predominantly face the south or west side and provide a beautiful, panoramic mountain view, a sofa and sitting area are included

2 double rooms with balcony facing west are barrier-free (wheelchair accessable)
approximately 25 to 30 sqm,
Shower or bathtub / WC, cable television, telephone, safe
1-2 People can sleep on the sofa with bed function

Komfort-DZ Kat IV
Kat. IV (Haupthaus)
Dachgaupen-Suite Söllereck
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Hotel Apartment Category V

The main house and the house "Anna" or house "Schrofen", have a balcony predominatly facing the south or westside (one apartment has a terrace facing the south side, one apartment is without a balcony)
A magnificant panoramic view onto the Oberstdorf mountains

Some apartments 40 to 48 sqm are equipped with a separate living- and bedroom and a kitchen which can be used
Additonal beds for 1 or 2 people are possible,this is especially popular with families.

Real special and brand new: The "Himmelschrofen Suite" in our new building. It has a stunning view and is an exceptional unique Suite!

Apartment 102 / Wohnbereich
Apartment 102,ohne Balkon
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Hotelappartement Kat V, 1 Raum
Terrasse App.1


Our Suites under the dormer of the Roof with beautiful view over the mountains:

- Himmelschrofensuite (ca 46 qm, possible room for 2-4 persons with a Little balcony to the south)

-Söllereck-Suite (26 qm, 1-3 persons possible and with a big balcony to the west)

-Family-Suite (possible for 2-6 persons, ca 55 qm, big kitchen and a bathtub in the bathroom, balcony to the west and south)

Couchecke in der Himmelschrofensuite
Familiensuite 101

Single rooms

Cosy single rooms, Allgäuer country house style in house "Anna" or house "Schrofen", with a balcony and a fantastic mountain view, on the 2nd floor. No lift!

Approximately 18 sqm, shower / WC, cable television, telephone, safe, sitting area with a sofa, 
An extra bed can be made available.

If you need a lift we will gladly offer you a smalle double room as a single room . Just ask us!

Einzelzimmer Haus Anna